Advices for Indie Musicians from the PledgeMusic Team

Advices for Indie Musicians from the PledgeMusic Team

These are some tips from Mike Blatt, a member of PledgeMusic, a platform that connects artists and fans who come here to be a part of the creation process. Any artist can launch a project and deliver his music as it happens, engaging their fans through exclusive updates that share the creative process. A project could be around their new album or EP, a book, a DVD, a concert tour…anything the artist is doing, as long as it’s centered around music. When fans become Pledgers they become a part of the artist’s journey from the studio to the stage. You set a financial goal and fans give you their support with money (Pledger’s cards aren’t charged until you reach your goal, unless they transact with their Paypal account). That money raised should pay studio hours, music video budget, gear rental, etc.

Here are some advices:
"...To get your project going, we recommend you take some time to gain momentum and build your fan base to maximize your chances at success.

First, you'll want to move set up an email list and host it on a service that is going to make sure your emails are received and also give you valuable feedback regarding open rates, click through rates, and unsubscribes. Personal email systems such as gmail do not work for you in this capacity. There’s a lot out there so see what works for you. Email has the highest conversion to pledges, so you want to make sure you collect email addresses at live shows, on your website and on your social media pages.

Free mailing list services:
Here you have some examples:

YIO's Newsletter For Fans:

YIO's Newsletter For Indie Musicians:

YIO's Newsletter For Royalty Free Buyers:

YIO's Newsletter For Royalty Free Musicians:

Next, you’ll want to work on increasing the engagement on your social media pages. It’s best to build up these numbers in a natural way. This can be done by engaging with fans at your gigs and other real-world events, or by increasing your online profile elsewhere (via reviews, coverage on blogs, and on other networks including Youtube and Soundcloud). Then to increase engagement on your Facebook page or Twitter feed, make sure to regularly post engaging and interesting content for your fans. Have a look at your Facebook page’s Insights tab to see what kind of content your audience engages with, and at what times they’re most active. Avoid spam or repetitive posting, and avoid flooding your timelines and feeds with posts from third-party apps such as Bandsintown, Reverbnation or Flickr.

It’s not so important to have a high number of likes or followers, but rather to have a high percentage of enthusiastic and engaged fans (on Facebook, this roughly translates to a high “people talking about this” number. A good amount to have is 10% of your likes). It’s better to have 100 likes from dedicated fans who will like, comment, share, retweet and favorite, than 1000 likes from people who don’t care and will never interact with you. This is very important for both your PledgeMusic campaign and for your general music career.

Getting all of these components in place before the campaign starts is what we’re aiming for in an effort to have a successful and fully-funded campaign and one that a lot of supporters can become involved with..."

Mike Blatt,
PledgeMusic team

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