Cue List Tool - Free .wav to .cue exporter

Cue List Tool - Free wav to cue file exporter

What is a Cue List?

Either you have made a nonstop meditation album or an hour and a half DJ mix, you will want to add "markers" at some points in the wave file (it doesn't work with mp3) to indicate where each song starts.

The marker's list is better known as Cue List.

You can add cue points, i.e. a starting time and a title for each song, with your preferred audio editing software like Adobe Audition or even his grandpa Cool Edit Pro.

Then you may want to export all this info to a .cue file (i.e. when uploading to MixCloud or YouTube)

I found this FREE tool and I love it:

CueListTool by Stefan Bion

Or download it from c|net (

Cue List Tool - Free wav to cue file exporter

From Stefan Bion, the author:

CueListTool is a little utility which facilitates working with the Cue-List of audio editors such as Adobe Audition.
With the Cue List you can mark and label individual sections within sound samples to have quick access to them later.
Here are some of the tasks that can be done with CueListTool:

  • Copy the Cue List from one WAV file into another WAV file,
  • export the Cue List from a WAV file to a separate small file (Cue List file),
  • write the Cues from a Cue List file into a WAV file,
  • show the Cue List as text with user-definable display format,
  • transfer the Cue List as text into the clipboard oder save it to a plain text or RTF file,
  • create Cue Sheets for CD burning software to divide big audio files into individual CD tracks.