ISRC Codes for Music

ISRC !!!! UPC ??? EAN %@***!

I bet many musicians may think they are acronyms like "I Sound Really Cool"


You must know them in order to fill in on some uploading forms like SoundCloud uploader or you may be losing some royalties.
A UPC (Universal Product Code) or EAN (International Article Number) is a unique code used to identify a product, such as an album, single or ringtone.

Cue List Tool - Free .wav to .cue exporter

Cue List Tool - Free wav to cue file exporter

What is a Cue List?

Either you have made a nonstop meditation album or an hour and a half DJ mix, you will want to add "markers" at some points in the wave file (it doesn't work with mp3) to indicate where each song starts.

The marker's list is better known as Cue List.

What does Royalty Free mean? Is it FREE?

All about Royalty Free Stock

For Producers/Buyers
Royalty Free stock is not FREE stuff at all.
If you want to use a certain song or some sound effects in your project you must obtain some kind of a license from the author.
When you buy a Royalty Free or RF license you have the right to use copyrighted material without the need to pay royalties later or other fees for each use of either a song or a sound effect.

Self Promotion - How to Reach More Fans and Followers

Twitter Tips and Tricks

Twitter logo: tips and tricks, hashtags as keywords, shorten links, upload an image

Twitter can be a powerful tool for self-promotion, for people to find you, to gain more followers and to give your followers a better content.
It's a science in itself so let's share some tips.

Your @username
Choose your Twitter username wisely, simple but logic and easy to remember and to type, no under scores, no "official", nothing silly, no numbers.

Mine is very easy: yiomultimedia (yio was already taken, it seems to be a Japanese female name, agh!)


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